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Vintage Sparkle is a Boho-Glam Vintage Home & Lifestyle brand based in Nashville, TN. Started and run by entrepreneur, Erin Sparks, VS was birthed out of a long time love of vintage and home decor. Erin has always found joy in making spaces beautiful with old things. After a long season of traveling as a professional singer, Erin felt a shift coming. She attended her first estate sale in May of 2014 and was hooked. At first, it was a lot of repurposing and diy, but quickly developed into a passion for restyling and curating pieces in their natural state. At Vintage Sparkle, you will find loads of handwoven rugs, 60’s & 70’s wicker and rattan, whimsical elements, and gold. VS is focused on providing hard to find statement pieces for rent or purchase to the Nashville area, and beyond. We would love to help you make your {home, event, shoot, wedding, party, dorm room, office} boho-glam complete.