The 8k Kitchen: Our budget renovation



photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

We recently renovated our kitchen on a budget of $8k. (we did go a little over, see below for the full budget breakdown)  I had a 6 week lull in my work schedule and decided to go for it. Two weeks of planning, scheduling and ordering and four weeks of labor later, voila! We have a new kitchen! Check out our before..think we needed it?


I mean…this is justified right? The kitchen was a hot. mess. 





photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

To start we hired a local drywall expert to come in and remove the soffit and upper cabinets and repair the drywall. This cost $1k and took four dusty days. It opened up the room SO much- I wish I had had that part done a loooong time ago.


Photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

The next part was on us. The Mr. and I installed open shelving, painted the window frame, and switched out the light fixture. Getting the corners right on the open shelving was HARD. But, Zak handled it and we love the end result!


Photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

Next was countertops. We went with quartz and it was a huge splurge. In hind sight, I wish I had done a little more research on more affordable options but I do love the quartz. I’ve often opted for the “fake version” and regretted it. I didn’t want to make that mistake again! We were able to save money on the backsplash. The high contrast between the grout and tile really gives it a custom feel even though the tile was inexpensive.

Here’s our Source List:

Cabinet Paint: Sherwin Williams, Blue Peacock
Cabinet Painter: Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes:
Cabinet Hardware: Amazon: Copper Cabinet Hardware
Light: Lamps Plus: Iron Star Ceiling Light
Tile: Floor & Decor Arabesque Lantern Tile *tip*added contrast with black grout
Shelving Brackets: Ikea (they come white, I painted them copper)$2 Brackets Baby
Purple Mountain Art:
Vintage Accessories: ShopVintageSparkle
Copper Baskets on Fridge: Copper Baskets

Photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

 Keeping the original appliances allowed us to splurge on other things. To me, appliances aren’t very fun to look at regardless. The white doesn’t bother me and they all (pretty much) work:) So we kept them! My sweet friend Dana & her husband Brooks own a cabinet painting company called Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes. We brought them in to do our cabinet paint and they knocked it out of the park! Read Dana’s blog about the project here: 
 Here’s How The Numbers Breakdown: 

$3500- Countertops, including removal

$1050- soffit removal/drywall repair

$2000- Cabinet paint & hardware installation

$362- sink

$290- faucet

$130- light

$50- brackets & paint

$40  – Shelves

$120- hardware

$260 – plumbing install- w/new garbage disposal

$200- backsplash tile

$350- backsplash install




Photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

What I love most is that this space is full of memories. I have had this teapot since I went away to college! The mugs are a collection from Zak and I’s travels, and of course lots of fun vintage finds.

We are so honored that the one and only Domino recently featured this budget reno! You can view that post here:


Photography by Samantha Nelson Photography

Product Round Up: Our Top 5 Necessities for Every Well Styled Home

Have you ever wondered how you can get that “styled” feel in your own living room? Have you ever seen a picture on Instagram or in a magazine and thought “how can I make my home feel more like this?”

Here at VS Headquarters, it is our job to have an abundant supply of the latest and greatest, most whimsical and effective home styling tools. We’ve got it all- from coffee table books, to pillows and throws, wall hangings and art, door mats and dishes, candles and bookends. All the tools that give spaces that “styled” feel. We’ve got good news: you can totally create this vibe in your own home. We wanted to share with you our short list of must-have, goes-with-everything, effortless styling tools that we use in pretty much every staging project. They’re sure to add character and style to your abode on any budget!

1) An Assortment of Coffee Table Books


A curated assortment of coffee table books can give a space individuality and style. Pick beautiful books that reflect the interests of you and the others living in your home for an affordable expression of the uniqueness of YOU! STYLED is one of our all time favorites. Not only is it beautiful on the outside, it’s chock full of tips and tricks on how to make your home look and feel FABULOUS!!

2) A Few Good {faux} Sheepskins


Texture and Layers are imperative to good design! Sheepskins can be used so many ways and in so many styles of decor. Get a few and try them out- rotate them around when you want to refresh your decor! I love to throw them over chairs- dining chairs, desk chairs, not too many- just one here or there adds to that “collected” feel. The best part is, these are under $20 each and soooo soft and cozy!

3) Your Signature Scent, Dahling


A signature scent for your home is one of those extra special touches that speak volumes to your guests! Better yet, YOU will be happier. It’s an affordable luxury so find one that works for your vibe and your budget and watch the effects it has on your mood. This is what we always have in the house- it’s the one Anthropologie is always burning and- really nothing makes us happier than Anthro;)

Let There Be LIGHT

Standard overhead lighting can be a little unforgiving and take away from vibe of a room. A strategically placed lamp or two provides options to light your space depending on time of day and how you’re using the room.

The Land of the Living!


If you don’t have a “green thumb” or are rarely home, this can be a hard pill to swallow, but plants are an essential these days. The right plant adds life, color, texture, style and cleans the air you breathe! We love Snake Plants or Mother-in-law’s Tongue. They are super easy to take care of (a little water once a week) and look AMAZING! So go getcha a few fun planters (isn’t this guy great?!) and watch your space instantly come ALIVE!!

Flamingo Drive: Staging Project

I have had so much fun this month working with realtor Jason Kaczmarski and his client Garrett on staging a sweet little bungalow on ….wait for it…FLAMINGO DRIVE!!  I wanted to buy it just so I could say I live on Flamingo Drive.  The buyer will be listing this property on Airbnb so watch out for that- and some of the best furnishings are even staying in the home- like that amazing vintage bar cart!! Meanwhile, enjoy some of the professional shots by our awesome photog, Isabelle!!


CMA Week Fun!


Our inventory got to attend an exclusive CMA party for @raelynnofficial- check out the pics!  I love how they used our indigo throw over the pink Rosie sofa!